Frequently Asked Questions
What is Big Ten Network+?
Big Ten Network+ is a subscription video streaming service offered by the Big Ten Network -- the only network dedicated to in-depth coverage of America's most storied collegiate conference, the Big Ten Conference.

With a Big Ten Network+ subscription, you have access to the following Big Ten content:
  • Live Streaming of over 1,400 Non-Televised Games (noted by "Big Ten Network+" on the game schedule)
  • Next Day, On-Demand Archives of both Non-Televised and Televised Games
  • On-Demand Archives of previous seasons of Big Ten Classics and Big Ten Network Originals

What type of Non-Televised live streams are available on Big Ten Network+?

The Non-Televised live streams available on Big Ten Network+ include hundreds of games and events produced by the Big Ten Network in partnership with the Big Ten Conference schools. These live streams typically feature professional-level Student U and Regional Sports Network productions, with occasional basic camera and radio feeds as school resources dictate.

Special note for the 2020-2021 season: Due to Covid-19 precautions and limitations across the Big Ten Conference, production resources available for Big Ten Network+ live streams this season may vary as we work with the schools to produce live streams.

Where can I live stream Televised Big Ten Network Games?
Live streaming of Televised Big Ten Network Games is available on the Fox Sports app. In order to watch live streaming of televised games airing on Big Ten Network, FOX, or FS1 -- such as Big Ten Football games -- visit or download the Fox Sports app. Follow the TV Everywhere login procedures to authenticate and watch live games with your TV Provider credentials.
How do I subscribe to Big Ten Network+?
Big Ten Network+ subscriptions can be purchased directly from Big Ten Network at Big Ten Network+ subscriptions can also be purchased via in-app purchase in Big Ten Network+ apps on third-party platforms (including Apple iTunes, Google Play, Roku, and Amazon). Please note that if your Big Ten Network+ subscription is purchased via in-app purchase on a third-party platform, your Big Ten Network+ subscription will also be managed and billed by that third party. (See additional information in "How do I cancel my Big Ten Network+ subscription?")
What is a Big Ten Network+ account?
A Big Ten Network+ account is created for you when you complete the subscription process the first time. Be sure to fully complete the account creation process so the system can recognize your subscription if you log in across multiple platforms. If your subscription expires, you do not need to create a new Big Ten Network+ account. Log into your existing Big Ten Network+ account and purchase a new subscription.
Where do I watch Big Ten Network+?
Big Ten Network+ can be watched on most PC browsers by visiting Big Ten Network+ can be watched on your mobile and connected devices by downloading the Big Ten Network+ app from the device's respective app store.
Does the Big Ten Network+ app cost anything?
The Big Ten Network+ apps are free to download from the respective app stores on mobile and connected devices. The majority of content within the Big Ten Network+ app requires the purchase of a Big Ten Network+ Subscription to watch. There are some games and events that are streamed for free due to contractual obligations.
Can I watch Big Ten Network+ outside the US?
At this time, the Big Ten Network+ streaming subscription service is available only in the United States, Canada and select Caribbean Islands.
How do I cancel my Big Ten Network+ subscription?

If you purchased your Big Ten Network+ subscription directly from Big Ten Network (via, you can cancel your subscription with the following methods:

  1. Self-Service: Sign in to your Big Ten Network+ account on, then click on "My Account" > "My Subscriptions" > and click the "Cancel Subscription" button under the current subscription you wish to cancel.
  2. Email Request: Send an email with your request to cancel your subscription to
  3. Live Support: Visit and request live support by clicking on the orange icon in the lower right corner.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased your Big Ten Network+ subscription from within the Big Ten Network+ app on a mobile or connected device (an iOS device, an Android device, Roku or Amazon Fire), the billing of your subscription is handled by the mobile or connected device third-party as well. You must access your subscription settings in your account with the third-party platform to handle billing issues and submit cancellation requests for your subscription.